How to choose a necklace

Start with style of the chain – for men, when deciding the chain, you should keep in mind that men are more attracted to ward their wider width of necklace chain like 3mm or even higher. Some styles like figaro and curb are in trend and favorite for everyone. In case of women, when they think about size and width of the necklace chain, the popular choices can vary from person to person. But average width of the chain could be around 1mm as a rule of thumb and more popular styles in them are cable, wheat chain and rope as well.

Choose metal quality – many of the customers prefer to choose yellow gold because it’s quite in trend but when evaluating the demands and desires of the overall customers, sterling silver is common too. It is very affordable alternative for pure gold when it comes to the cost while also staying on trend. And both gold and silver are not gender specific, luckily.

Chain length determination – 18 inches chain length is most commonly sold. But it also depends on the gender. Like women gravitate for 16 or 18 inches and on the other hand men look for a larger length for like 21 to 24 inches. Layering is the biggest on trend especially for the necklaces. Layering of different chain lengths sometimes also with the pendant, but customer can also define their own styles from like 14 to onward 24 inches throughout in layering. Choker chain is also in trend which range from 14 to 16 inches.

Picking clasp – a spring ring is better choice when it comes to the cost for being affordable but for longer stay, it could be lobster clasp which is more common in use. Clasp can vary for men and women choices separately. But men prefer to have a substantial chain. There are variety of heavy lobster clasps in order to support longer chains. Larger chain can also go with barrel and lobster clasp while most men desire for this. There are variety of clasp for every jewelry shop for simple to oriented one. All the clasp could be stylish as it could be getting prominent. Clasps also come decorative designs and precise details and are also available in variable sizes in order to manage with chains. It is important to keep various level of clasp security while choosing a chain but is still depend on the need and desire of the customer for the chain.

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