Engraved Necklace

Our 3D Engraved Necklace also makes a wonderful gift. Just pumper yourself or give it to your loved one and rest assured that our necklaces will always be close to your heart. We respect our clients and strive to offer a purely handmade 3D necklace designed for you and your lover. We deliver unique designs and aim to help you have a great shopping experience. The unique plethora of gorgeous designs we offer you is thoughtful and appreciated gifts for friends and family. Order an engraved necklace now and you won’t regret!


When it comes to custom jewelry and delicate choices, we are here to help you. At Lamoriea Jewelry, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality 3D Engraved Bar Necklace and many other pieces. The best thing about our shop is that there is pretty much something for everybody with any kind of taste. In our online jewelry shop, you can be sure to find an attractive and especially made Custom Necklace for you. We can engrave any name you want and make a timeless design for you and your loved one. You can choose Heart Style Necklace with Birthstone Gold, Platinum Plated or Rose Gold based on your desires and taste. Our 3D Engraved Necklace is modern and feminine. If you want to have a chic and classy style, then order one of our custom 3D engraved necklaces and enjoy their quality and beauty.