Our Personalized Slim Magic Mug provide a fun and unique way to greet the morning. It is suitable for coffee, milk, tea, and hot chocolate to share with your family, friends, and lovers. When the hot water is filled in the mug, the photo will appear eventually. It is heat sensitive. However, when the mug is cold, it appears solid black. There are some scientific concepts behind. Heat can move from one point to another in three basic ways: by conduction, by radiation, or by convection. Personalized Slim Magic Mug is a classic cup – Shaped Cup. It is environmentally friendly ceramics. Best for your favorite hot or cold drink. To best preserve your image and color changing functionality, we recommend hand washing only and not putting this item in the dishwasher, and microwave. You can discover more similar mugs from here.

Mug Details

    • Brand: Lamoriea Jewelry
    • Collection: Lamoriea Mug
    • Material: High Quality Ceramic
    • Height: 15cm
    • Diameter: 8cm
    • Weight: 500g
    • Capacity: 500ml
    • Color of Mugs: Black
    • NOTE: Photo will appear only when the temperature reaches at least 60°C

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