Necklace with Name on them

Lamoriea - Meaningful Personalized Jewelry

The annual Christmas is here again. In this happy day, friends, family and loved ones gather together to celebrate, preparing gifts for everyone is a happy and troublesome thing. The trouble is, what gift should I choose?

This year you can have a good choice, and that is a custom name necklace. Different from other mass-produced jewelry, engraving your own name on the necklace is more self-evident and more individual. We recommend 2 stylish and special name necklaces.



The first is a vertical bar name necklace.

S925 silver, which guarantees the beauty of vertical lines on the appearance and a smooth and flat surface. This necklace can not only be engraved with the name of your lover or yourself, but also can be engraved with important dates, such as wedding anniversary and the other party’s birthday. In this way, we will always remember important days in our hearts and bring surprises to them.

The second is Ring Name Necklace.personalised russian ring necklace sterling with birthstonesilver

Ring Name necklace has 2 options, one is with birthstone, the other is without birthstone. If you like shiny elements like jewelry, you can choose a necklace with birthstone. 12 colors, there is always the color you like. If you prefer simple beauty, then those without birthstone will definitely suit you. A ring-shaped necklace with a solemn and sacred spirit, like an eternal Chen Nuo, you will always cherish your lover.



The way modern people express love is no longer so implicit and shy, but instead choose to send a gift to express the idea of wanting a lifetime and a couple.