In our Lamoriea Name Bracelet collection, this Personalized Family Braided Rope Name Bracelet tends to show your family that you are grateful for them and value the role they play in your lives. In the presence of this gift, it will express how you care and appreciate your family presence in your life. Gift giving is important part in a happy, loving and healthy relationship. This is because a custom present will make your relationship with them all that much stronger. Other than that, it will give them something to remember you.

Furthermore, your family member will also appreciate the fact that you took the time and put effort to find or create something special just for them which is meaningful to them. The feeling of affirmation one receives when getting a gift can also help to stimulate the feelings of happiness and solidify the bond between you and your best friends. Our Personalized Family Braided Rope Name Bracelet consists of four beads with stainless steel which can engrave all of your name in the bracelet. Besides, this name bracelet is made up of braided rope and the magnetic buckle is cover at the end of bracelet. There are four colour in this series of bracelet which are classic black , neutral beige, and kindness pink

Have you been given a gift that has filled you with glad? This is your time to take a little planning and consideration to make your family members feel you are loving to them. Our Personalized Family Braided Rope Name Bracelet is your best choice. This is a perfect gift to your loved one or yourself. Discover more name bracelet styles form here.


  • Brand: Lamoriea Jewelry
  • Collection: Lamoriea Name Bracelet
  • Bracelet Material: Braided Rope
  • Bead Material: Brass
  • Bracelet Perimeter: 17cm/ 21cm/ 24.4cm
  • Bead Width: 5mm
  • Bead Length: 12mm
  • Color of Braided Rope: Classic Black/ Neutral Beige/ Kindness Pink
  • Finished: Silver Plated

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